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How can I forget something that has so much helped me on my journey in life.  I am feeling so much better now, strong, contented, motivated and very much looking forward

Sean; London

This course saved my life. Literally. I was going through some big time scary stuff. A friend told me to talk to you and I joined your course.  You saved my life and put perspective, self-belief and happiness back into it. I want you to know without you I wouldn’t be here !!!

Beth; Camberley

I am a very rational person and this was the most practically useful course I have ever attended. My life began to change from week one !

Richard; Bracknell

Vicky was a little like my personal ‘Guru’. She could answer any questions I ever had, to my satisfaction.  She’s shown me in useable ways who I am and what really matters to me. The experiences that happened to me on the course were amazing.  I was blown away!

Linda; Theale

I will never get over the first time I met my Guide. It was an overwhelming experience of joy, love, peace and of coming home.  I can’t explain how much difference working with my Guides has made to me. The course opened up my world and made it a better place to live in.

 Andy; Hull

Thank You from my heart. It was quite remarkable from start to finish. The love and kindness you showed me was wonderful.  For the first time I felt that I was at the right place in my life and that was massive for me.  Your warmth and sincerity opened my heart and I feel that a healing is starting to take place.

Kathy; Henley

I work as a Consultant Psychiatrist so am very logically minded. I need to have proof that what I do has its basis in fact, and that it works.  This course worked so well for me I have been on several now, and can’t wait to sign up for the next one.

 Ruth; Wokingham

After working with you I realised I was not following my own principles in my work as a GP.  You allowed me to see how to make the changes I needed with courage and conviction.  Within a few months I was working as a partner in my own GP practice, and I am able to remain true to myself whilst bringing much greater benefit to my patients.  Thank you so much.

Bobby; Earley

The course helped me feel more focused and calm. It pinpointed what had been holding me back and challenged me to deal with it.  I developed more confidence in life and myself and discovered my life’s true purpose. In fact it started me on the journey of a lifetime !