Hypnosis - An Introduction

Is it possible to go back five minutes in time, or indeed go back five hours, five years, or even fifty years? Likewise, is it possible to move five minutes into the future, or five weeks, five years or fifty years into the future?  There is a way, of course, and that way is by thought.

This is usually called remembering or imagining; but that doesn’t mean that the past was not real or that the future will not have a reality.

Indeed, physical reality is contained only in the split second inhabited in time. Everything else is simply in the MIND.

The past and the future only exist in the mind. Therefore it follows that the mind is by far the largest part of physical reality. In fact the subconscious mind is what holds all experience, knowledge, ability, likes and dislikes – in fact everything that we are or will be.

To bring about any change in ourselves either psychological or physical it is obvious that we must change what we hold in the mind.

Hypnosis is concerned with the mind. It is the application of hypnotic techniques which lead to an altered state of mind. This altered state has been proven to be of great value in the treatment of medical, psychological and physical problems.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural process that allows the subconscious mind to activate inner resources to bring about beneficial changes.

What is Medical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is rapidly developing into a specialist branch of medicine, as is evident from the very active Hypnotherapy section within the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM). This section is devoted to the use of medical hypnotherapy within a clinical framework. As more is learned about the way in which certain conditions are acquired and perpetuated, the resolution of inappropriate behaviour patterns by hypnosis is becoming more relevant.

A great advantage to this treatment is that hypnosis, as opposed to medical treatment, is without side effects.Medical hypnotherapy is also used with considerable success for many psychological and physical conditions.