Guided Insight

I work with Spirit Guides.  We all do, whether we are aware of it or not.  At present I am working with three Guides and they are totally responsible for the information I give at lectures, in broadcasts, during workshops, and when working with clients on their Past lives.

Often when a lecture or workshop etc. is booked I only know what the title is to be - nothing more.  When you have a paying audience in front of you ready to hear a two-hour lecture, and you have prepared nothing more than the title, let me tell you, it feels rather daunting to say the least.  However I have learned to trust my Guides, and the lecture is full of interest and factual information, often on subjects I know little or nothing about.

One of my Guides is a keen philosopher and another often wishes to speak on physics.  As I studied neither of these subjects at school, nor subsequently, I often find what I am saying at my own lecture is of great interest to me too!

To meet your Guides contact Vicky on 07836 336094, or email