Future Lives

Future lives are lives that appear to be lived chronologically after your current one.

When I was three years old I would talk of a life I had lived as a space sentinel.  It was nothing like you see in Star Wars or Star Trek.

It appeared that gender was neither male nor female and I was working with a group whose task was to protect Earth's frequency.  We did not use spacecraft as such, nor did we ‘travel’ by any mechanical means.

Our universe is simply one huge energy system, as of course are we, and travel was/is by means of changing frequency from one wavelength to another. 

Our earth, like life in all other galaxies operates on a particular frequency – just like a radio or TV station.  If we change frequency then we perceive a different programme – indeed a different world.

 This exit and entry point for frequency control point that I was working with is in the same place as ever on earth today.  It is at Avebury, England.

Try explaining that when you are only three years old!


To see a Future Life is no more difficult than to see a Past Life.





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