Create your own Future

You are responsible for your own life at all times.  You are free to make whatever choices in this life that you wish.

However, you will have made a plan, a blueprint so to speak, before you came here, that would develop the best in you and your life. But the problem is that most of us forget the plan as soon as we put on the human attire.  We can only "ad-lib" our way through the performance.

But we can return and look at the plan - the script - whenever we wish.  We can even ask for prompting if we forget our lines!  Or we can carry on ad-libbing and hope that the production turns out all right in the end. 

Either way is OK. But the former might carry a greater guarantee of success!

To be reminded of our plan, our blueprint, we first need to realise that there is one, and then we need to know where, or by whom, it is kept. Then it is is only a matter of choice or need as to when and how often we check with it.

Your blueprint is kept within. It is held onto securely by your higher self, your subconscious self.  That part of you that is wise and all knowing, that part of you that has the answers to all questions you could ever ask.  That part of you that never forgets the plan. 

To know if you are going to plan and how, and in what direction to change if not, is of prime importance to each future moment of your life.


To find your blueprint, to check in with your own higher self, or to find out more, contact Vicky on 07836 336094 or email

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